1.1-1.8mm sales HDPE Geocell Erosion Control /Geocell Retaining Wall for Retaining Wall Road Construction Gravel Stabilizer Grid with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Hdpe Geocell 

Geocell is a three-dimensional mesh cell structure formed by high-strength HDPE sheet material and high-strength welding. Generally, it is made by CZPT sonic Needle welding. Due to the needs of the project, some holes are punched on the diaphragm, which is flexible and flexible, and the transportation can be shrinkable. During construction, it can be stretched into a net, filled with loose materials such as soil, gravel, concrete, etc, A structure with strong lateral restriction and large rigidity is formed.

Features of Geocell

1. CZPT material, wear resistance, stable chemical properties, light and oxygen aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, suitable for different soil and desert and other soil conditions. 2. CZPT lateral restriction and anti-skid, anti-deformation, effectively enhance the bearing capacity of subgrade and disperse load. 3. Changing geometric dimensions such as geocell height and welding distance can meet different CZPT needs. 4. Flexible, small transport volume, convenient connection and CZPT construction speed.


Main Specification

Width Spacing

300mm to 1600mm

Cell Height

50mm to 300mm

Seam Peel CZPT

1000N, 1100N,1200N,1420N


Black, CZPT , Sand




Technical data

Cell Test Method Units Values
Cell Depth mm 50-300(±0.5)
Weld Spacing mm 220-1600(±1.0)
Surface Smooth/Textured&Perforated
Color Black/Green/Sand
Material   Virgin HDPE
ESCR ASTM D1603 hr 400
Density ASTM D1505 g/cm3 0.945-0.960
Thickness (smooth) ASTM D5199 mm 1.20 (-5% +10%)
Thickness (Textured) ASTM D5199 mm 1.50 (-5% +10%)
Carbon Black ASTM D1603 % ≥ 1.5
Seam Peel CZPT USACE GL-86-19 N ≥ 15KN/m
Tensile CZPT at Break ASTM D638 kN/m2 ≥ 32000 (TD) / ≥ 30000 kN (MD)
Elongation at Break ASTM D6693   ≥ 900 (TD) / ≥ 480 (MD)
Oxidative Induction Time ASTM D3895 min ≥150
 Long-term Long term seam peel strength test shall be performed on all resin or pre-manufactured sheet or strips. A 100mm wide seam sample shall support a 72.5kg load for a period of 168 hours minimum in a temperature controlled environment undergoing a temperature change on a 1-hour cycle from 23ºC to 54ºC
 Seam Peel CZPT
Standard Dimensions 356mm 445mm 712mm
Nominal Expanded Cell Size 252mmx252mm 315mmx315mm 503mmx503mm
Nominal Section Size 2.52mx7.3m 2.52mx9.12m 2.52mx14.6m
Nominal Section Area 18.37m2 22.96m2 36.74m2

Hdpe Geocell Application

Hdpe Geocell Loading and Packages


1. CZPT material, resistant to wear, stable in chemical properties, anti-aging, resistant to acids and alkalis, applicable to different soil and desert and other geological conditions.

2. CZPT limit on lateral direction, anti-skidding, anti-deformation, effectively enhance the supporting ability and scattered load function of roadbed.

3. CZPT carrying capacity and good dynamic performance and high erosion ability.


1.Used for all kinds of road building, driveways, soil stabilization and embankment stabilization

2. Used to stabilize river embankments.

3. Used to prevent landslides. 

4. Using Geocell construction can greatly reduce labor intensity and reduce the thickness of the roadbed, construction speed, good performance and greatly reduce the project cost.

Company More Production

Company Introduction 

Develope Goal
 Industrial chain up and down extension, continue to develop innovative products
There are five categories of products and 60 specifications and models, among which CZPT ier products account for more than 50% Capacity development: five production lines have been put into operation, with an annual capacity of more than 50000 tons

Chairman Speech 
Dream for a creative future!
With the enterprise vision, we set sail.
We are based on the high-end brand of geosynthetics CZPT , and focus on exploring and developing new geosynthetics materials that are corrosion-resistant, weather resistant, durable, uniform, environmental-friendly andsafe, to professionally provide functional basic materials for major CZPT construction projects such as highway, railway, water conservancy, sponge City, landfill, aerospaceand national defense.
Since the start of business, every product and technology developed has condensed CZPT wisdom and effort; every project implemented in the development has shown CZPT vision and progress; every commitment to CZPT CZPT ers has delivered CZPT confidence and sincerity! CZPT y achievement we have realizedis owed to the support and care firomleaders, experts, partners and friends!
We deeply understand only by holding CZPT to the development concept of “achieving stems from sharing”, can we gain more valuable cooperation opportunities and see a better industrial future.    
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