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Qt6-15 sales Hollow Block Machine Concrete Blocks Machinr Bricks Manufacture Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

                                          QT6-15 Block making machine Description

1.QT6-15 brick Machine work principle
Chain automatically feed plate, manual participation, vibration box on both sides of the hydraulic motor driven by high frequency, low-frequency cloth, pressurized, another double oil top pressure, and the production of good quality, high density block.

2.QT6-15 brick Machine Configuration
(1) JS500 Description: to mix the raw material of sand, loosen stones, cement, etc
Item: JS500 Mixer                           
Power: 18.5kw
Feeding capacity: 800L
Discharge capacity:500L
Overall dimension (mm):3030*2300*2680mm


(2)Host brick machine: making concrete block via mould pressing.


(3) Manual Block Trolley
Function:The trolley is used to transport the block on pallet to storage area.Two trolleys are equipped for each machine
3.QT6-15 brick Machine specifications

main technical parameters
(1) Dimension of host machine 4000*1800*2800mm (6) Host machine CZPT 30kw
(2) Moulding period 15-20s (7) Vibration force 40-50KN
(3) bamboo pallet size 1571*550*25mm (8) Mixer model JS500
(4) Weight of the host machine 5.5T (9) Voltage 380V/415V
(5) workshop area 250-300 m2 (10) labour 7-8

4.QT6-15 brick Mahcine prodcuctivity

production capacity
  Size(LxWxH) Pcs/Mould  Pcs/ Hr Pcs/ 8 Hr pcs/month
(1) 400*250*200 3 450-540 3600-4320 108000-129600
(2)  400*200*200 4 600-720 4800-5760 144000-172800
(3) 400*150*200 6 900-1080 7200-8640 216000-259200
(4) 400*100*200 8 1200-1440 9600-11520 288600-345600
(5) 230*110*70 24 4320 34560 1036800
(6) 200*100*60 16 2880 23040 691200
(7) 200*163*60 8 1440 11520 345600


5.QT6-15 brick CZPT area Needed:
Theoretical workshop requirements: 50 square meters, need 6-8 workers, one operates the mixer and feeds material, one operates the host machine, and two workers transport the blocks. The office, curing area, stacking area are arranged according to your specific conditions.
6.After-sale Service
We have CZPT own technician team to do the machine installation for automatic brick machine line, and for some semi-automatic or manual block machine, normally user can operate the machine well, if technician is required, we can also meet the demand.
 And we provide 7*24 hours online service during after and before sales service.
7. Our Advantages
(1)Using the ultra strong steel and special welding techniques, it is strong and of high resistanceto vibration; 
(2)Using imported electrical appliances, sealing parts and parts of hydraulic components, like Simens CZPT , Simens PLC, Mitusbish PLC, or CZPT CZPT brand motors, Switches, etc. the equipment’s comprehensive performance is stable and reliable; 
(3) CZPT company focus on the technology of gearbox, which is key point of the brick machine, which can improve the productivity speed and block quantity.
8. FAQ
(1)Packing method ?
  Nude packing, or in plastic clothes, or in plywood box, accordingly.
(2)What’s motor and electric brand we choose for CZPT machine?
  Siemens/Schneider brand, or Chinese CZPT brand.
(3) What kind of steel my machine and molds use ?
   Q235B for machine, Mn steel for molds. More durable.
(4) Will you send engineer to install for user?
   Yes, we have technician service team. They will supply service as per needs.
(5) Are there any spare parts together with the machine ?
  Yes, we will send spare parts together with machine, the user could use more than two years.
(6)Do you supply free technical service during later production ?
   Yes, we have online technical service in 24hours.
(7) What is the Warranty for the machine?
 For the machine,we have 1 years warranty(except the wearing part ).If any quality
problems on CZPT side occured in this period ,we will take on the shipping cost and replacement. 

15.Company profile
HangZhou Raytone CZPT CZPT CZPT Co.,Ltd 
(Export Division: HangZhou Raytone CZPT ry Imp&Exp Co., located at Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.ang CZPT area, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. County, HangZhou city, with 100 more staff, with a standard workshop of 22,000sqm, and owns comprehensive manufacture facilities and more than 200 sets of CZPT finishing machines. We mainly manufacture all types of concrete block making machine, concrete batching plant and corollary equipment for the block machine line; The products have been sold widely to more than 60 countries. At present, we can manufacture 3,000 sets of construction machinery per year. 
  Our company has set up a complete set of effective management system to strengthen the inner management, focusing on quality and after-sales services;
Sincere to the buyer, providing brilliant quality products, excellent service, competitive price and prompt delivery is CZPT business principle;
Welcome CZPT friends to visit CZPT company for further cooperation.

Crisa Ding 
Tel : -1786~13 0571 88828 1385811777888115


RP602L near me shop 6m Paving Width Asphalt Concrete Paver Block Prices with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

RP602L 6m Paving Width Asphalt Concrete Paver Block Prices 
? CZPT nical features
Advanced and mature drive technology.
It adopts CZPT d mechanical-electrical-hydraulic technology, which represents the development trends of construction machinery industry.
Full hydraulic drive, electro-hydraulic proportional automatic constant control.
Unique, mature and reliable drive axle technology.
? CZPT ble and durable material feed/distribution technology
Full hydraulic drive and electric-hydraulic proportional automatic constant speed control.
High material distribution capability, Φ360 large diameter mixing blade, 28BH reinforced drive chain.
The material feed system and distribution system are independent; the supersonic material level CZPT ng control technology enables it to control the material height.
With high capability of anti-segregation, strong CZPT for material distribution, and high strength structure, it can achieve buried distribution and reduce segregation.
? Stable and accurate control
It is equipped with electronic automatic leveling instrument, which can reduce the interference of human factors and effectively improve the levelness of road surface.
It adopts supersonic material level control technology, featuring high automation level, applicable to the construction requirements of CZPT kinds of road.
? Screed technology
The most mature and stable hydraulic telescopic screed.
The large and rigid telescopic cylinder features high precision and good stability, which ensures excellent paving quality.
The reasonable telescopic cylinder matches with the sleeve, which makes more accurate screed sliding.
The 3-point suspension system ensures stable extension/withdrawal of screed, in addition to stepless adjustable vibrating rotation speed, it can meet different work requirements.
? Performance advantages
? Excellent configuration
It adopts ZheJiang D4114 diesel engine, featuring low temperature start, energy-saving and environmental care, 
? CZPT ful drive force
The travel system adopts high pressure piston pump and double variable displacement motor, featuring good low speed stability, large drive torque, applicable to the requirements of CZPT work conditions.
The transmission and drive axle of the travel drive system are integrated as one unit; The 2 speed gear special transmission and differential structure features strong drive force and reliable operation.
? Efficient material feed/distribution
It adopts chain suspension and anti-block screed technology, which improves the reliability, service life and efficiency of material feed/distribution.
The spiral blade for material distribution adopts high chromel alloy material, large diameter and thickened design, which improves the distribution capability, heavy load impact resistance ability and wear resistance, in addition to large diameter blade and low speed paving, and reduces segregation.
? Comfortable to operate
All the operation switches and monitoring instruments are mounted at the control panel, which is simple to operate.
The mobile control panel can be installed at left/right side according to the paving conditions for convenient operation.
The side cover and engine hood is easy to open.
? Convenient for repair
There are numbers on all the electric cables, which is convenient to check.
The reasonably allocated pressure measuring points contributes to quick and convenient inspection.
The elements that need to be maintained are installed where they are easy to access.

Items Unit Parameters
Basic paving width m 2.5
Max. paving width m 6
Max. paving thickness mm 150
Paving speed m/min 0~16
Travel speed km/h 0~16
Theoretical Productivity t/h 300
Hopper Capacity t 13
Gradeability % 20
Pavement evenness mm/3m 3
Transverse levelling accuracy % ±0.03
Centre crown ratio % 0~+3
Engine model   YC4A125Z
Engine CZPT kW 92
Engine speed r/min 2200
Machine weight t 15.9
Dimension mm 6400X2580X3830
Vibrator speed r/min 0~1470
Screed heating   Gas heating
Auger and conveyor control   Automatic Control by CZPT sonic Sensors
Automatic levelling control   Simulation control of electronic automatic leveler


Items Unit Parameters
Screed model / 475Q
Type / Single vibrator+Gas heating
Extension / Hydraulic+Mechanical assembly
Width m 2.5~6.0
Vibrator speed r/min 0~1800
Vibrator amplitude mm 4
Extra-long screed mm 625


Fully Cost Automatic Chain Conveyor Machine for Automatic Production with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description



The main parts of autoclave are autoclave door ,body apparatus, tank cover device, the door swing device, hand reducer, safety interlocks, bearings, insulation,,sealing devices, plumbing valves and meters, etc., also attached with drainage and electric control devices. Various structural designs and manufacturing can be safe and reliable, also can ensure the autoclave more stable in performance.

3. Process:
1) After welding kettle door, it must proceed with annealing heat treatment.
2) Polish toothed cutter of flange of autoclave body, and carry out magnetic particle testing.
3) Use double scale container board, and ensure the CZPT itudinal joint of each section.
4) Carry out the physical and chemical test (stretch, impact), ensure its strength.
5) Welds are 100% X-ray detection, then carry out hydraulic test of 2.1MPa after passing. The whole process is complete inspected by CSEI factory inspection, and leave factory after stamp and signature .

4. CZPT clave advantage
1. CZPT er service life.
2.To kettle cover – head butt, head – butt welding puzzle, kettle – kettle body butt welding flange ring to be a 100% inspection with 100% annealing.
3.Using automatic welding processes.
4.Advanced design, pipeline operations, stable quality and high efficiency.
5. Products can also be segmented to adapt to users’ needs; good overall package, short installation        period, low investment.
6. Best service and remote technical guidance CZPT .
What is CZPT clave Aerated Concrete (AAC) ?
Autoclaved aerated concrete is a kind of lightweight porous building construction 
material. It takes cement, lime, slag, fly ash, sand, aerated additive( aluminium powder) as raw
materials. The aerated concrete blocks are made after production processes of 
fine grinding, batching, casting, cutting, autoclaved curing and milling. There are
lots of uniform small air holes inside the blocks. The special structure ensure it 
has the advantages of lightweight, good insulation effect and processable.

Advantage of AAC
1. AAC can be produced with different of sizes which from standard blocks to large reinforced panels
2. Excellent thermal insulation
3. Excellent lightweight
4. CZPT compressive strength
5. CZPT dimensional accuracy
6. CZPT acoustic insulation
7. CZPT fire resistance
8. Termite resistance
9. CZPT working ability 

Why choose the AAC block machine from MINGJIE ?
1. HangZhou MINGJIE Building Material Equipment CZPT Co.,Ltd was establishes over 30 years, By the past two decades ,MINGJIE is accredited with ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 CZPT Management System and won ‘Standard Quality Management CZPT ‘,Provincial quality CZPT ed enterprise ” ,’Contract and Credit Stressing Unit ‘honors chronologically ,and it is the first title of ‘China CZPT n CZPT mark’.
2. MINGJIE adhere to the philosophy of “Technology -led ,Quality-oriented ,Management-based ,Customer-benefited ” .
3. MINGJIE stable development in motherland and great achievements,overseas come after CZPT reliable quality ,strong technical strength ,advanced marking network ,and perfect after-sales services.

Moba supplier Leveling System Sonic-Ski for Asphalt Paver with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Q:Are you a factory or trading company?
A: CZPT is professional factory to produce road milling bits for milling machine.

Q:Do you have export license?
Yes, we had exported CZPT road milling bits to more than 80 countries.

Q:What’s raw material of your leveling system?
Electrical parts from Germany P+F.

Q:How’s your quality?
A: CZPT leveling system can replace MOBA leveling system completely, and CZPT quality as same good as MOBA, full set leveling system supply half a year or 1000 working hours warranty.

Q:Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?
Our factory is located in No.4,ZhengHe Zhong Road, TaiCang City, CZPT ,215412. When you plan to visit CZPT factory, please contact with us in CZPT , we will tell you the detail route, pick up you from airport, and book hotel for you in CZPT . 

Product Description:

MOBA Leveling System Sonic-Ski for Asphalt Paver

Contact information:
Tel: 512 8160 1970
Mob: 137 7617 0571

Packing and CZPT :
1. Delivery terms:by sea/ by air  

2. Delivery times:7-15 Days

3. Payment terms:FOB/EXW/CIF

Our service:

1. Warranty   

2. After-sales service   

3. Quality certification 

4. CZPT ized service

5. Sample service

Company information:

In 2005, Kaito(HangZhou) CZPT CZPT ry Co., Ltd was founded. CZPT has developed into become one of the largest factories in the industry of producing replacement parts for road construction machinery, such as track pads ,conveyor chains , conveyor belts , modules , rubber buffers , cutting tools , tool holders , water pumps and CZPT other parts . CZPT is more than capable of providing its CZPT ers domestically and foreign with replacement parts for a variety of different brands.

At CZPT CZPT CZPT ry, we believe that developing and manufacturing quality , industry- leading products to be of CZPT top priority . Our company is committed to providing CZPT ers with the best all-around, rapid, and efficient services CZPT  .

Our clients spread all over China and exported to various countries and regions such as South Korea , Russia , USA ,Spain , Malaysia , India and CZPT others.

Interlocking Cost Garden Rubber Floor Tiles with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

 Interlocking  Garden CZPT Floor Tiles 

Rubber Flooring Tiles are made from heavy-density, recycled rubber tires,   which is highly durable and flexiable that will ensure the floor are protected from damage and marking by benches or other equipment. 

Weather resisitance, hydrolysis resistance
Average thickness
Ventilation and no-water tight
Good elastisity
EPDM oxidation resistance and UV resistance.
Easy to clean by water or detergent.
Easy to install, it can be paved directly on the groud or with PU binder.


Product name  Commercial Grade Easy Install  CZPT Gym  Flooring
Speicification  500mmx500mm,600mmx600mm,800mmx800mm,1000mx1000m, CZPT er size CZPT  
Color  1) 100% Black                                                                                                             
2) Black with colorful EPDM flecks ,EPDM flecks content :6% to 90%                                                                                                        
3) 100% EPDM
4) Special pattern or logo 
Material: Recycled rubber , EPDM flecks and MDI binder
We only use MDI binder in all of their tiles, which is CZPT -toxic, enviromental friendly.
Special Performance Fire resistance
Speical offer Free design 
Packing  Pallet , carton ,special packing are CZPT ,etc.
Delivery  In  15  days 
Application Gymnasium, Shopping mall, supermarket, office, library, hotel, restaurant, waiting hall, museum, cinema, auditorium, hospital, subway station, etc.,Fitness center, leisure center, club, golf practice court, golf club, ice arena, play field, supermarket, etc.
Sample  Available 
Brand  Bothwin CZPT  
Certifications  CE ,EN1177, SGS,ISO,ROHS,TUV,Fire Resistance ,etc.
Payment term T/T, L/C,D/P,Western CZPT ,Cash,Paypal,etc.
Why chose us  1, More than 15 years experiences .                                               
2. Offer Free  design
3. Certifications:Had past CE,EN1177,SGS,ROHS,TUV,Fire Resistance,ISO,etc.
4. Five times strict inspection.
5. CZPT quality package like special carton and air bag
6. CZPT er first,wll be answer within 24 hours.


Typical Applications:

  • Weight rooms
  • Exercise areas
  • Performance training areas
  • Home gyms
  • Bulk discounts apply on large orders.
  • Fitness center
  • Playground
  • Park
  • School
  • Roof garden
  • Pathway
  • Warehouses
  • Garage
  • Residential Area

Other types :  
interlocking  gym  mat : 

rubber gym  roll :

rubber tile : 


Packaging Detail:

 by pallet and warped with plastic film . It also can be packed according to your requirements

Delivery Detail:  

Depend on the quantity, within 20 days

Our Services:

A.Our Sales Team offer professional international trade service for our world wide clients with strong support from our technology and production department.

B.Our company has accumulated rich experience in the field.

C.Superior quality, quick delivery and favorable prices are our basic business principles.

D.We give priority to the satisfaction of our customers’ needs.

E.Our supply chain is strongly established through close cooperation with more than 20 professional manufacturers.

F.Our Business Service Philosophy is create More Value For Our Customers Through Professional Knowledge And Spirit to achieve Mutual Victory With Our Customers.  

Company Information :

QingDao BothWin co,. ltd is an outstanding manufacturer of rubber sheet and rubber conveyor belt.
 In addition, our quality system has passed the certifacte of ISO 9000:2001 , which is further a testimony to the quality of our working and products.”Quality first, then quantity” is our factory’s spirit, adhere to customer needs is marked with the needs of the business philosophy.  



Other Product:

Rubber Flooring Mats
Round dot/ button/ checker/ diamond rubber sheet/flooring mat
ESD/ Insulation rubber mat
Fine/wide ribbed rubber sheet/flooring mat
Cow/stall/stable mat
Rubber Grass Mat/Anti-fatigue mat
Rubber lining
Skirt board rubber sheet
Pulley lagging
Rubber conveyor belt



Axle sales Parts for Liugong Loader with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Axle parts for CZPT Loader

One-stop service for all CZPT machinery parts: CZPT wheel loader, CZPT CZPT , CZPT grader, CZPT roller, CZPT concrete pump, CZPT paver, CZPT roller, CZPT mining truck, CZPT mixer truck…

We are one of the largest spare parts suppliers for Chinese brands construction machinery with more than 8 years experience! 
Our products cover bellowing brands:
Liugong parts
XGMA parts
SDLG parts
LOVOL parts
Lonking parts
SEM parts
Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.n parts
Chengong parts

Our products range as bellowing:
Engine parts:
filter, gasket, cylinder block, valve, cyliner liner, piston, connecting rod, bearing, crankshaft, fuel pump, oil pump, injector, water pump, turbo charger, alternator…

Transmission parts:
gearbox, drive axle, drive shaft, half axle, bevel gear set, differential assy, main drive, wheel side reducer, brake caliper, brake disc, brake pad…

Hydraulic parts:
cylinder, gear pump, multi-way valve, steering pump…

Electric parts:
light, horn, sensor, switch, instrument…

Undercarriage parts:
track roller, CZPT roller, sprocket rim, CZPT idler, track shoe, track chain…

Other parts:
pin, sleeve, bucket, teeth…

Parts of Our Products

Our Stock&Packing&Exhibition 

Know more of CZPT products at 

Qhj4-18 Custom Full Automatic Brick Making Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

QHJ4-18 Full-automatic Block Making CZPT /Cement Interlocking Hollow Brick Block Making CZPT

Description for Full-auto J4-18 Block Making CZPT :
1. For this machine, a lot of advantages of medium and small sized block forming machines at
home and abroad are absorbed and digested. So it is reasonable in design, stable in function and convenient in maintenance.
2. In this labor machine, the authorization level is high, with automatic materials feeding and automatic bracket board distributing, so as to reduce the labor intensity largely. This machine can be installed with PC device, the full automatic production. 

3.For its bottom table, the vertical directional pressing and vibrating are adopted in order to obtain high intensity pressure to the blocks to be produced. After forming the products can be piled up 3-5 layers. This machine is stronger in applicability for multifunctional use, that is, only matching with different molds and dies, it can be used to manufacture the blocks of all specifications. It is the most satisfactory equipment for medium sized block manufacturers.
 Main Advantages for Full-auto Block Making CZPT :
1) Host machine, every part all use thicken plate, make the machine strong and wear-resisting.
2) Fully automatic ,very easy operated by workers, greatly reduce the labor-cost.
3) Japan CZPT PLC control system, ensure the machine runs extremely smoothly, CZPT serving life. Faults-displaying and the troubles-shooting on the cabinet.
4) CZPT ulic system, three-stage pressure control valve are adopted. so the pressure for all actions of the machine can be adjusted automatic.
5) Direct chain transmission, to sure very low noise, and easy to check the fault.
6) CZPT vibration and head pressure together, make the brick high strength and density.
7) All the mold are carburizing by heat treatment, can using more than 120,000 times.
Size for Block Making CZPT :

 product quantity 390X190X190mm  4pcs/mold
Power 27.5KW
Cycle 15s
 Weight 4500KG
 shift capacity 3000pcs
Host overall size 380X200X260cm
Rated pressure  16MP
Pallet size 880X550X20mm

Production Capacity for Block Making CZPT  

Characteristic for Block Making CZPT :

Nine characteristics compared with clay brick:
1. Not using the clay as raw material to destroy any field.
2. Making use of three industrial wastes to change wastes into valuables
3. Not using fire to bake blocks and not building kiln to save the energy sources and fields.
4. No chimney to protect the environment and avoid pollution.
5. Production process is simple, they can be made everywhere
6. Low investment and achieving much CZPT er results, CZPT ers can profit in half a year after investing.
7. The block can be produced all around the year.
8. CZPT looking, construction convenient, low-floor real jigsaw puzzle, and the high buildings do filler and cheap.
The building block machine, through mould and by application of fly ash and other industrial waste, can produce all kinds of hollow block machine solid block

Package for Block Making CZPT :
1. PE film package and iron box package,it will protect your machine well during CZPT time shipment. Even if you buy the machine for the first time, we will provide best service for all the Purchasing Process, pls don’t worry.
2. Loading port: HangZhou, just tell us your port nearby, then we check shipping cost and delivery time.

Our CZPT s for Brick Making Machine :
We have built CZPT er business relationship with CZPT clients from different countries visited CZPT factory and bought the block machines, such as Ghana, South Africa, Cameroon, Botswana, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Chile, Jamaica, Guatemala, CZPT ti, etc.

All Types for all brick making machine :


16 price Ton Truck Crane Qy16b. 5 with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

As a leading Chinese machinery and truck exporter, we have a professional experience of 8years in this field. Besides CZPT trucks of high quality, CZPT international sales team will also provide you excellent logistics service and after-sales service.  We will always do CZPT best to solve all the problems and put CZPT CZPT er’s interests in the first place.

We can supply:
1) ALL kinds of trucks.  
(Dump truck, mining dump truck, tractor truck, truck trailer ,towing truck , water tank truck, concrete mixer truck, oil tank truck, garbage truck, cargo truck, port terminal tractor, refrigerated truck, truck mounted crane, fire truck, suction sewage truck, bus , etc)
2) All kinds of construction machinery.
(Wheel loader, CZPT , folklift, cranes, paver, road roller etc.)

Popular   16ton CZPT CZPT QY16B.5

More excellent performance
? The optimizing layout of the machine makes the stress of the main bearing CZPT s more reasonable, and the lifting performance is higher than the products with the same tonnage.
? Apply the mature jib technique which integrates plug-in boom head, embedded boom block, and special telescoping mechanism, which makes the jib more stable and reliable.
? Optimize the stress design. Adopt the box-type outriggers which have larger span, stronger rigidity, and better stability.
More reliable quality
? Adopt the classic K series jib telescoping technique, working safer and more reliable.
? Make the most complete safety device system in the industry, ensuring the lifting safer and more reliable.
? The comprehensively upgraded brake system adopts double circuit air pressure design. Multiple systems ensure the brake safety of the truck during travel.
? The new CZPT steering mechanism adopts hydraulic CZPT design, which makes the steering light, flexible, and precise, and ensures the safety of the truck.
? The intensity and rigidity of the rotary table and frame structure with high rigidity are completely coordinated.
? The perfect integration of the design and structure realizes the automation of welding, which is more reliable.
Easier to operate
? The high efficient and energy efficient load CZPT ng hydraulic system is CZPT tive to operate and precise to control, having good slight mobility.
? Optimize the control levers, which is easier to operate.
? The cab adopts orthodrome CZPT windscreen, having wider operating views.
Easier to maintain
? The optimizing design of the pipeline traces makes the layout more scientific and reasonable, greatly reducing the dismantling and installing time of the pipelines and the maintenance expense.
? CZPT ly upgrade the electrical system. Adopt anti-creep connector clips, greatly prolonging the service life of the parts.
? Adopt K series rope anti-disorder technique, improving the lifting efficiency, reducing the labor intensity, and prolonging the service life of the steel rope.
? The telescoping steel wire rope oriented and protective device avoids the steel wire rope out of the track and broken.
? Fully covered walking plate supplies a platform for the maintenance, and effectively protects the parts of the machine.
More energy-efficient and environmental friendly
? Adopt double industrial automation control engine, featuring strong CZPT and energy efficiency.
? Under the economical mode, it can meet the engine CZPT requirement of the normal lifting work. Under the high CZPT mode, it can meet the requirement of the high challenge and high efficient lifting work.
? Adopt the high CZPT radiator, avoiding the system from bad cooling, solving the problem of oil overheating, and prolonging the service life of the hydraulic oil.
? Adopt the CZPT d matching technique, which makes the design more scientific. It can reduce the consumption of the mechanism, prolong the service life of the machine, and has high residual value.

Dimension Unit QY12B.5
Overall length mm 15710
Overall width mm 2500
Overall height mm 3200
Total weight in travel kg 16000
Front axle load kg 6000
Rear axle load kg 10000
Engine model   6C215,WD415.21,SC8DK230Q3
Engine rated CZPT kW/(r/min) 158/2200,155/2200,170/2200
Engine rated torque N.m/(r/min)
Max. travel speed km/h 68,75
Min. turning diameter mm 18000
Min. ground clearance mm 260
Approach angle ° 21
Departure angle ° 10
Max. grade ability % ≥26,≥28
Fuel consumption for 100km L 30, 40
Main performance    
Max. rated total lifting capacity t 12
Min. rated working radius m 3
Turning radius at turntable tail m 2.6
Max. lifting torque kN.m 428
Base boom m 9.3
Fully extended boom m 23
Fully extended boom+jib m 29.4
Longitudinal outrigger span m 4.1
Lateral outrigger span m 4.9
Working speed    
Boom luffing time s 50
Boom full extension time s 75
Max. swing speed r/min 2.6
Main winch full load/no load (single rope) m/min 110


Standard sales Gate Helper Wheel 6″, for Chain Link Fence Swing Gate Fits 1 5/8″ Gate Frame with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Product Description

Gate Wheel for CZPT Swing Gate with 1-5/8″ Thru 2″ Gate Frames, Gate Support Wheel for Chain CZPT Fence, Prevent Gate from Dragging

  • Support Door CZPT ght Up to 500lbs—Tire grade solid rubber material, supper wear-resistant. Hot dipped galvanized finish steel for rust free.
  • Universal Use— Mofeez gate helper wheel rolls easily over concrete/ grass/ pasture ground. If you plan to use it on soft pea gravel, we suggest you put something in the ground along the wheel path for it to ride more smoothly.
  • Lift your Gate Up to 8-3/4″— Diameter:6″. There is 8-3/4″ from the bottom of the wheel to the center of where the pipe would attach, so the door CZPT lifted up to 8-3/4″. Width of tire:1-1/2″ flat wheel will roll over your driveway’s crushed rock surface.
  • Only for Round Fencing Pipe— Helper gate wheel CZPT used on both pipe farm gates, chain link gates or any other gate that has a bottom ROUND pipe measuring 1-5/8″ through 2″. NOTE: Check your gate frame diameter first.
  • Easy to Install — Just prop the gate up to the height you need and attach the wheel on the bottom rail of the gate. Tighten U-bolt nuts securely until helper gate wheel couldn’t slip around the pipe.

Detailed Photos


Spring-Loaded Adjustability for Any Terrain

The 4 in. gate caster with adjustable spring bracket is designed to allow gates to open and close freely. It features a 125 lb. load rating and a spring-loaded clamp that acts as a shock absorber when the caster is rolling over rough or uneven surfaces. It also features a CZPT mount for wood or metal gates.

Heavy Duty spring-loaded gate casters adjust with surrounding terrain to maintain gate height throughout the opening and closing cycles. These rotating supports work equally well on level and uneven exterior surfaces such as asphalt, brick, concrete, dirt, grass, gravel and pavers with up to 2-1/2″ of spring-loaded vertical travel to smoothly navigate the terrain surrounding the gate.
Versatile Mounting Options
The CZPT Duty mounting plate is designed to mount directly to a wooden gate with lag bolts. The versatile hole pattern also allows for easy mounting to a tubular farm gate along horizontal or vertical gate rails.

Related Products


Product Description:
4 inch diameter hard rubber swivel gate caster with 200-lb capacity
Automatic adjustability with 1-3/4-inch of vertical spring travel
Rugged CZPT mounting plate with 6 holes to easily attach to wooden gates and can be outfitted with additional hardware for alternative installations

Product specification:
Size: 4inch wheel
Finish: Galvanized
Weight Capacity:200lbs
Inner Box: 300*140*70mm(2.2lbs)
1x Gate wheel
2x CZPT s
2x Nuts
2x Washers
Out carton:420*350*300mm(34lbs)


Product Description:
Made of steel.
Works with wood gates and can support up to 200 lbs
Kit contains: 1 CZPT -Duty Gate Wheel, and (4) 5/16″ Lag CZPT s
Product specification:
Size: Wheel is 6″ in diameter and 2″ thick
Finish: Black powder coated
Weight Capacity:200lbs

Inner Box: 370*190*130mm(5.5lbs)
1x Gate wheel
4x CZPT s
4x Nuts
4x Washers
Out carton:400*380*370mm(34lbs)


Product Description:
Gate Helper Wheel Supports the CZPT to Prevents the Gate from Dragging on the Ground.
Use this Support Wheel with 1-3/8″ – 1-7/8″ Outside Diameter Pipe Gate Frames. 
Easy Installation
The 6″ Wheel Provides Smoother Operation than Smaller Wheel Designs. Easy to Install w/Included Bolt
Gate Helper Wheel Frame is Galvanized Steel to Prevent Red Rust. 
Gate Wheel is Well Constructed. This Size Helper Wheel is Used on Projects Where Gate Frames are from 1-3/8″ – 1-7/8″ OD Pipe
Product specification:
Size: Wheel is 6″ in diameter
Weight Capacity:200lbs

Inner Box: 200*190*130mm(3.95lbs)
1x Gate wheel
2x Bolts
Out carton:400*380*260mm(33lbs)



Product Description:
Our gate wheel prevents gate sagging
Fits round tube gate 1-5/8″ to 2″ O.D.
Allows gate to open and close with ease.
Product specification:
Size: Wheel is 6″ in diameter
Finish:Black powder coated
Weight Capacity:200lbs

Inner Box: 190*190*190mm(3.95lbs)
1x Gate wheel
2x Bolts
Out carton:380*380*380mm(33lbs)


Product Description:
8″ Rolling Gate CZPT Wheels (aka Double Wheel CZPT s) 7″ Between Tires on CZPT  
(fits chain link gates 1-3/8″, 1-5/8″, 1-7/8″ (2″)) CZPT Tires, CZPT Carriage 9/16″ axle diameter Some assembly required

Product specification:
Size: Wheel is 8″ in diameter
Weight Capacity:220lbs

Inner Box: 320*180*180mm(9lbs)
1x Gate wheel
2x Bolts
Out carton:360*360*320mm(37.5lbs)




ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016

Packaging & CZPT

The package CZPT CZPT ized according to your requirements.

Company Profile

At Futong CZPT CZPT , we are a global supplier of precision metal stampings and complex assemblies. We provide turnkey services, from design, tooling development, and sourcing to stamping, finishing, assembly, packaging, and shipping. CZPT y one of CZPT departments works together as a cohesive team and pays attention to every detail to ensure we deliver high caliber products on time and budget. We have a strong 15+ year history as a manufacturer of complex, CZPT components requiring tight tolerances, and we have an impressive level of CZPT er retention.

Our stamping operations feature presses in the 45-ton to 1,100-ton range, which gives us the versatility to generate parts using thin gauge .004″ foils as well as plate measuring up to 0.5″ in thickness. We have capabilities in all stamping methods, including progressive die, continuous strip, compound die, deep drawing, etc. By leveraging CZPT integrated knowledge of material properties and stamping technology, we develop the tooling and implement controllable manufacturing processes to repeatably produce dimensionally accurate parts. CZPT we frequently work with include carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and an extensive selection of other metals and alloys.

As an ISO 9001 certified metal stamping company, CZPT maintenance program ensures all tooling, dies, press equipment, and quality instruments are in top condition. We inspect all incoming raw materials and carry out first article, in-process, and final inspections. With CZPT coordinated project management, we manage CZPT ary operations such as heat treating, passivation, plating, and other finishing services as well as machining, fabrication, and product assembly through a network of CZPT ed partners.

We manufacture premier quality metals stampings for CZPT ers in many different industries, from automotive and aerospace to medical, transportation, and consumer products, to name a few. Some examples include electronic connectors, PCBs, filter components, furniture parts, medical diaphragms, hardware, and containers, among many others. We are CZPT er-focused, reliable, and price competitive. To learn more about CZPT stamping services or to make an inquiry, contact us directly.


Our Advantages

1,Supply CZPT / ODM service.
2,Certification:ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016
   3D laser welding uses concentrated energy to fuse metal parts into a precise joint that is strong and highly aesthetic.
4,HangZhou Futong delivers innovative solutions through product design, CZPT , & manufacturing using state-of-the-art technology.
5,Not Just a Supplier, but a Valued CZPT Partner.
6,100% Quality Inspection
7,Since 2007, Futong CZPT CZPT has been a leader in manufacturing precision stamped parts and assemblies for a wide variety of industries. Our capabilities include producing complex, CZPT components requiring tight tolerances and runs of 1,000 – 1,000,000 pieces. As a centrally located supplier to industries around the globe, we can meet tight lead times and ship easily to any destination.

After Sales Service

If there is any quality problem, please feel free to contact us. Refund or CZPT for any quality problem.

Customer visit

High best Quality Glass Handling and Lifting Equipment with Ce with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Electric CZPT CZPT ulic CZPT matic Vacuum CZPT er


The hydraulic vacuum lifter is specially design for handling difference kind of heavy plate, such as steel, glass, granite, marble and so forth, with vacuum suction caps. 
We have standard two series LD models and HD models, with the similar hydraulic lifting system and vacuum sucking system, for different working demands. 

GL-LD series can reach a height of 3.6m,even being CZPT ized to 4m.Its boom arm is very flexible with 360° rollover and 180° tilt frame pad.So it’s widely used for handle,moving and installing glass,windows,doors and other heavy panels etc. See the details specifications from the data table below.

GL-HD series is of floor crane chasis. The 2pcs of CZPT supporting legs can be CZPT ized to balance wheel, using in combine with a CNC machine. Its max lifting height is 1.6m to 2.6m with 90° vertical up/down .It’s widely used to handle and move heavy panels in workshop and warehouse,like handle marbles to a CNC machine for cutting and move to another place.Price is economic. See the details specifications from the data table below.

LD Series:

Model Type GL-LD-350 GL-LD-600
Loading Capacity 350kg (retract)/175kg(extend) 600kg (retract)/300kg(extend)
Lifting Height 3500mm 3500mm
Battery 2x12V/100AH 2x12V/120A
Controller VST224-15 CP2207A-5102
Drive motor 24V/600W 24V/900W
Hydraulic CZPT 24V/2000W/5L 24V/2000W/5L
Cap Diameter Ø250mm/300mm Ø250mm/300mm

HD Series:

Model GL-HD-8015(6) GL-HD-8025(8) GL-HD-6015(4×30) GL-HD-4015(4×30)
Max. Load Capacity 800kgs 800kgs 600kgs 400kgs
Safe Load Capacity 400kgs 400kgs 300kgs 200kgs
Lifting Height 1500mm 2500mm 1500mm 1500mm
QTY of Caps (customized) 6pcs 8pcs 4pcs 4pcs
Cap Diameter Ø300mm Ø300mm Ø300mm Ø300mm
Plate Size (or CZPT ized) 3660x2440mm 3660x2440mm 2440x1830mm 1220x1830mm
Drive CZPT 24V/900W 24V/900W 24V/700W 24V/500W
Hydraulic CZPT 24V/2000W 24V/2000W 24V/2000W 24V/2000W
Battery 2x12V/160Ah 2x12V/160Ah 2x12V/100Ah 2x12V/70Ah
Charger 24V/20A 24V/20A 24V/15A 24V/10A

1. Integrated control system secures quick and automatic positioning vertically and horizontally by a single push on a button.
2. DC24V reliable actuators for lifting, extension and tipping. efficient and precise. Self propelling, CZPT circuit vacuum suction.
3. Attractive price, staff saving, strong improvement of working environment.
4. Vacuum lifter are dealt with shot blasting and stoving varnish, high anti-corrosion function.
5. CZPT quality pump station make the vacuum lifter lifts and falls very stably.
6. CZPT duty cylinders with drainage system and check valve to stop the scissor lift table lowering in the case of hose burst.
7. Pressure relief valve prevent overload operation; Flow control valve make descent speed adjustable.
8. Brief structure make it much easier to operate and maintain.