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Product Description

China RP603 400t/h Asphalt Concrete Paver

RP602/RP802 multi-functional paver can be applied to the paving of basic stabilized material and surface material. The machine adopts independent right drive and left drive, micro-computer control, and the telescopic screed with single vibrating tamper (RP802 is equipped with pulse vibration). The material level is controlled by ultrasonic CZPT ng technique, featuring good stability in low-speed paving, even material feeding, high preloading compactness, good pavement evenness, and easy operation. It can absolutely meet the construction requirements.
Technique features
Power transmission technique: high-efficient and CZPT ful CZPT water-cooled diesel engine with strong CZPT adopts high-pressure pump structure, featuring good diesel oil atomization and economical efficiency, CZPT service life, and extensive application range.
The hydraulic pump and motor of Linde and CZPT adopted have CZPT service life, featuring big driving torque, low load rate, and reliable performance.
Control technique: stable and precise Material feeding adopts synchronous drive, and the rotate speed is controlled by full proportional control. The material level adopts ultrasonic control technique which can control the height of the material level stably. The manual gearshift adopts infinitely variable control.
Speed control of material distribution: the manual gearshift and automatic gearshift can be switched freely.
Electronic automatic leveling ensures higher evenness. Many CZPT ng modes and high automaticity can meet the construction requirements of high-grade roads.
Digital micro-computer control can pre-select the speed. Adopt the constant speed automatic control technique, ensuring the paving speed not impacted by the load. During moving, the paving speed and travel speed can be switched freely.
Material feeding and distribution technique: reliable and durable
Strong material distribution capacity: It adopts 360mm coarse pitch, Φ420 large diameter blade, and 28BH reinforced drive chain, the drive capacity is higher 25% than the similar products.
The material distribution box and chain adopt high-intensity design, which can supply strong transmission CZPT . The maximum CZPT transmission capacity of the material distribution shaft is 5000Nm, which can achieve full buried distribution, greatly reducing the segregation.
There are two reverse blades in the middle of the material distribution box, reducing the middle segregation zone.
Screed technique: mature and reliable
Mature and reliable hydraulic telescopic screed: the reasonable dimension match of the telescopic cylinder and sleeve features the excellent glide accuracy and good reliability, ensuring the paving quality.
3-point suspension mechanism ensures stable stretch and retraction
The infinitely adjustable vibration frequency (575 screed) meets the requirements of different working conditions.
Adopt the electrical heating, featuring safety, environment protection, and convenience.
Performance advantages
Excellent configuration
The key parts such as diesel engine, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic valve, travel reducer, micro-computer controller, bearings, hydraulic pipe joints, hydraulic tube and hose, and filters are imported from CZPT pean countries, ensuring the durability and reliability of the machine.
Simple maintenance.

(1) driving independently from left to right, controlled by microcomputer, automatic control technology of constant speed of spread speed.

(2) ultrasonic CZPT ng control technology is adopted for the left and right feeding.

(3) the leveling system adopts electronic automatic leveling technology to effectively improve the smoothness of the road surface.

(4) the hydraulic telescopic ironing plate adopts the technology of single vibrating and electric heating, which is environmentally friendly and improves the life of the ironing plate bottom plate.

(5) the centralized lubrication system can provide oil to bearings at CZPT high temperature evenly and manually at regular intervals.

(6) it is standard equipped with CZPT d, mature and reliable shang chai new generation four-valve SC7H water-cooled turbocharged engine with strong CZPT and low fuel rate.

(7) high wear-resistant alloy material is adopted in the material separation blade.

(8) the control console can visually display CZPT working functions, paving and driving speed, and can be installed from left to right.

(9) high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation, good construction quality and high operating efficiency.




Performance Parameters

 Basic paving width



 Maximum paving width



 Maximum paving thickness



 Working speed



 Running speed



 Theoretical productivity



 Bucket capacity









 Power of diesel engine



 Speed of diesel engine



 Material conveying speed



 Vibration stroke



 Outside dimensions



 Overall weight



 Volume of diesel tank



 Volume of hydraulic oil tank




* The machine is miniaturized, and the super small width of 1.8m fufills the construction work of the urban area and the roadway; Install the limited-width device, the minimum paving width of 0.8m, to be applied to the paving construction of “grooves”.

* Configured with CZPT water-cooled turbocharged diesel engine, sufficient CZPT reserve, good atomization of diesel, good economic performance, low noise, CZPT life and wide application scope.

* The CZPT ful three phase alternator generator with management system, controls the CZPT output of the corresponding paving width, can heat the screed to the working temperature in a very short time.

* The generator adopts independent driving technology, which can be tumned on according to the working requirements, which improves the ut7z%ion rate of the generator, increases the reliability of the components, and saves energy.

* The hydraulic system adopts the load CZPT ng control technology to make the CZPT output efficient and energy saving. The drive element is imported German CZPT , which guarantees the system reliability.

* The hopper of 12t is designed to be wide, and can always store enough materials. The material interface is suitable for the skip car of different tonnage.

* The two sides of the hopper can be folded separately, the swing type pusher, ensuring the stable material discharge during asymmetric paving. Ensure the normal paving of obstacles along the wall.


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