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Product Description

HFB5230A Brick Making CZPT Price/Concrete Paver CZPT


Product Description

Main Features of HFB5230A CZPT matic Block Making CZPT :

1. HFB5230A brick machine has a heavy machine frame, with 200*200mm with 10mm thickness, the frame is made of high-intensity steel and goes through heat treatment, total frame weight is 15.5 tons, it is absolutely wear resistant.
2. HFB5230A automatic block making machine uses multi-shaft rotating and compulsory feeding, which greatly improves the density and intensity of the blocks, also reduces the feeding and molding time.
3. Low frequency vibration in feeding materials, high frequency vibration in molding. It offers optimal structure of vibrating shafts, which assure the vibration is distributed uniformly in the range of the vibrating table. So it improves the uniformity and stability of blocks, produces better quality blocks than before when using the same ratio of raw material, and reduces the noise greatly.
4. This block machine uses Germany CZPT PLC control system and CZPT Touch Screen.
5. Combine with fault diagnosis system, it offers a dynamic display of the system’s status, automatic trouble shooting and warning notice.
6. Mold frame is made with inlaid structure, and the mold is processed via the procedures of carburizing, nitriding and quenching which guarantee that the strength, its service life is more that 120,000 times production.
7. On both sides of mold, we add 3 aseismic bags for each side, they can reduce the impact force, protect the mold and oil cylinder in molding process greatly.

Technical parameter

Mainframe Dimension 8200x2600x3571mm
Machine weight 14.5 Tons
Vibration Table vibration
Pallet size 1420x920x30mm
Power 66KW
Exciting force 100KN
Rating pressure 20MPa
Vibration frequency 4000-5000r/min
Cycle time 15-20 CZPT s

Productivity of HFB5230A CZPT matic Block Making CZPT :

Items Block sample Size(mm)(LxWxH)




Molding Cycle(s)

Hollow block   390x190x190 12



Porous block   240x115x90 30



Solid block   240x110x53 65






220x110x50 42




Packaging & Shipping


Our Services

1.Guarantee for one year and after sale service for whole life.To offer free design,free technology support and free machine maintenance trainning. 
We will provide you with a set of spare parts for free!.Guarantee for three year and after sale service for whole life.To offer free design,free technology support and free machine maintenance trainning. 
2.We will provide you with a set of spare parts for free!

Company Information

Brand and quality
We are a construction and building materials equipments manufacturer mainly produce all kinds of AAC block making machine,concrete mixing plant,mixer,Concrete Block Shaping CZPT ,concrete tile making machine and concrete pipe making machine etc. with more than 23 years experience and being the biggest manufacturer in CZPT at present.All the products are conformity with the standard of the state, and gets the ISO9001-2000 Quality System certificate, also honored as “One of the CZPT Ten CZPT Brands of Brick & Tile field in CZPT ” and other honors.

Hongfa CZPT ry’s Honor
1.One of CZPT Ten Influential Brands in CZPT Brick &Tile Industry
2.China National CZPT Abiding By Contract & Keeping CZPT CZPT
3.Quality and Credibility of the Dual-protection Demonstration Unit
4.High and New CZPT nology CZPT
5.Famous CZPT mark of CZPT
6.Star CZPT with CZPT Patent
7.AAA Grade Credit CZPT
8.Consumer Satisfaction Unit
9.One of CZPT 100 building Material Industry Brands of CZPT



Q1:Why blocks conveyor use leather belt?

A:Leather belt blocks conveyor has low friction coefficient, it is not easy to be heated, so it can protect pallet from damage, the chain conveyor heats CZPT ly and will distroy pallet.

Q2:Why should I use inverter motor?

A:Firstly, inverter motor is more CZPT saving. Secondly, inverter motor is more durable because it keeps running continually.

Q3:What is the CZPT press brand?

A:Hydropress brand is from Calyca, ZheJiang , it guarantees the stable output pressure.

Q4:How to maintain hydraulic machine?

A:Oil return filter cartridge should be renewed within 3 months since new machine come into service, and open oil box to check and clean inner filter screen. Check and clean oil box every 6 months or one year according to operating frequency, and renew hydraulic oil, it can be recycled to use after filteration.

Q5:What is the advantage of Double proportional electric valve compared with Single one?

A:Double proportional electric valve can export air pressure stably.

Contact: Ivy Liu
Web: gxhongfa.en.made-in-china.com