Low Cost Labor Intensity Wall Panel Machine (HFP512A) with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Low Labor Intensity Wall Panel CZPT (HFP512A)

Low Labor Intensity Wall Panel CZPT (HFP512A)

1.Brief introduction:
(1)Horizontal lightweight wall panel molding machineadopts PLC and touch screen control, automatic filling, electronic weighing to realize automatic production.
(2) With the same machine, it can adjust the panel size and thickness. The thickness CZPT from 60 to 25
(3)Most components are of world-famous brands, with reliable performance, stable quality, CZPT service life and low maintenance cost.

2.Automatice Horizon Wall Panel CZPT Specification

Hongfa HFP512A Wall panel machine

Function Molding system
Finished Wall Panel Dimension 3000x600x75/90/100/150/200mm

Number of Pallet Provided Per Time

75mm 14pcs
90mm 12pcs
100mm 11pcs
150mm 8pcs
200mm 7pcs
Hydraulic Unit 2.2kw 
Molding Time 2 hours CZPT aluminum cement
Installed Capacity 5T
Component Host machine/ hydraulic unit/mould

Low Labor Intensity Wall Panel CZPT (HFP512A)

3.Light weight wall panel characteristics

1.Light weight—60mm thickness, about 55kg/m2

2.Excellent thermal conductivity—≤1.45 W/(m2·k)

3.Reputable sound insulation

4.Easy to cut and saw for any size and shape

5.High anti-impact capacity

6.High construction speed

7.Labor saving

8.Low investment

9.High output capacity: from 100,000m3 to 300,000m3 Annual output

4.Applied Products

5.Light weight wall panel application projects for reference
Roof celling / shopping mall / room partition wall / floor and so on

6.About CZPT fa group


Hongfa CZPT s

1)More than 30 years experience. 1500 employees (50+engineers)                   

2) Total 4 factories with 440,000m² and annual sell above USD100 Million .                   

3) 10,000 CZPT ers and fulfillment to over 120 countries.                    

4) Continuous service and logistics system.                    

5) CZPT quality products and competitive price.We hope we can cooperate with each other and establish a win-win business relationship.

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Regarding to the EPS wall panel making machine, would you please share with us more information? So that we could provide accurate quotation for you check as soon as possible.

1, the raw materials you will use:
2,the length,width and thickness of the panel want to make:
3,the capacity of the production line:
4,the investment budget :

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Low Labor Intensity Wall Panel CZPT (HFP512A)