140HP Bulldozer Swd140-II Crawler Tractor Bulldozer for Sale

140HP Bulldozer Swd140-II Crawler Tractor Bulldozer for Sale

CZPT SWD140-II Bulldozer Hihglights

Equipped with powerful WEICHAI motor such positive aspects as lower oil intake, small smoke, big torque reserve coefficient and substantial desirable power of the whole device.
Integrate the procedure handles on equally sides of the driver based on the function, and undertake pilot handle for the working unit, greatly bettering the driving convenience.
Electromechanically integrated and automatic electronic checking technique is applied for genuine-time checking for completion equipment.
Every single servicing center has humanized design, enhancing the convenience of repair and routine maintenance.
Many products this sort of as direct-pouring shovel, environmentally hygienic, angle shovel, coal-pushed shovel and soil scarifler are CZPT for user.
CZPT heating and air flow equipment is equipped and air conditioner is optional.

Machine Present

Technical specs

Type 6-cylinder,immediate injection,h2o-cooled
Rated power 115KW
Rated pace 1800rpm
Apply CZPT Technique  
CZPT flow rate 180L/min
CZPT stress 11.76MPa
Pump variety CBF-E100
Control valve Hand operated
Beneath Carriage Program  
Variety Swing sort of sprayed beam,suspended construction of equalizer bar
Amount of monitor rollers (each aspect) six
Number of provider rollers (each and every aspect) 2
Variety of front loafer (each aspect) 1
Track kind Solitary grouser
Track pressure CZPT
Observe pitch 203mm
Monitor width 500mm
Monitor gauge 1880mm
Observe length on ground 2465mm
Floor clearance 353mm
Grade capacity 30°/25°
Major CZPT Specification  
Dozer variety Angle
Functioning bodyweight 16300kg
Ground pressure .0622MPa
Total proportions 5180×3762×3042mm
Blade width 3762mm
Max. digging depth 400mm
Blade ability four.0m³
Dozer sort Tilt
Working weight 16200kg
Floor pressure .0618MPa
Overall dimensions 5099×3297×3042mm
Blade width 3297mm
Max. digging depth 400mm
Blade capacity 4.5m³
Max.tractive power 123KN
Max.lift over floor 920mm
Transmission Method  
Gear box Mechanical
Final generate CZPT reduction with spur equipment and phase sprocket,which are sealed by duo-cone seal
Gear shifts(Ahead/Reverse)Travelling pace(km/h) F5/R4
Forward/Reverse I two.fifty two/three.53
Forward/Reverse II three.55/four.ninety six
Ahead/Reverse III 5.sixty eight/seven.94
Forward/Reverse IV 7.fifty three/ten.fifty three
Forward V eleven
Service Capacities  
Gas tank 230L
Drinking water tank 70L
Put into action oil tank 110L
Steering clutch Several-disc oil electricity metallurgy disc compressed by spring. hydraulic operated
Steering brake Brake is oil two route floating band brake operated by mechanical loot pedal

Assembly Line

Fields Service

CZPT take care of Service as a substantial phase in our worth chain. All of our services-related businesses-aftermarket components, technological help, coaching, OEM Answers are primarily based on providing a lot more specialist service, extending the daily life of each device we delivered.

For special important initiatives and VIP customers, CZPT supply on-internet site area service for a specified period of time, to permit the team of our end users with a much better understanding on the operating and servicing, to aid coaching the service crew of their own, or give a proposal on the maintenance remedies according to the particular operating environment. With the field service, we are confident to allow our equipment lessen the downtime at highest and help our customers fulfill the project effortlessly and on time.

Problem Brand name New
Guarantee A single calendar year or 2000 doing work hours, whichever comes earlier.
Cargo Conditions FOB, CFR, CIF, CIP DAF
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Insert 30 A1, No.58, New Jinqiao Street ,ZheJiang , China
Tel 21 685986~13 0571 88828 13858117778
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140HP Bulldozer Swd140-II Crawler Tractor Bulldozer for Sale