Chain Link Assy for Excavators Track Link for Bullozer Parts Excavator Assembly Chain Link Assy for Excavators

Chain Link Assy for Excavators Track Link for Bullozer Parts Excavator Assembly  Chain Link Assy for Excavators

1&commarack piece is portion of the composition of observe segment and lastly constitute to a track link&period It truly is the connected element of keep track of&interval Goods top quality assurance&comma every items will through the hardness testing and via the magnetic particle screening device to make sure whether or not there is a crack prior to out of the manufacturing facility&interval
two&commaTrack website link&colon we can supply OEM according to your specifications and pictures&interval
3&commaraw materia&colonl35MnB
4&commaafter quenching and tempering the hardness of the inner parts will have HRC32-36&period
5&commaAfter floor medium frequency quenching&comma the hardness is HRC50-54&comma the depth of hardening is six-12mm&comma make sure the energy and use resistence&period of time
6&commaApplicable designs&colon
CZPT&comma Hitachi&comma CZPT&comma Daewoo&comma Hyundai&comma Kobelco and other well-known brand names&period

The models under are just for reference&commamany models we can’t list listed here&commawe can provide the most versions in the market place&periodKindly ship us your inquiry or e mail if you have any requirements&time period

CZPT PC20 PC30 PC30 PC40-5 PC40-6 PC40-7 PC50 PC60-1 PC60-three PC60-five&sol6 PC60-7 PC75 PC80 PC100-5 PC120-2 PC200-one PC200-two PC200-3 PC200-five&sol6 PC220-three PC200-seven PC240-three PC300-five&sol6 PC300-seven PC350 PC400-5&sol6 PC650 PC1000-1
Hitachi UH045 UH052 UHO53 UH063 UH07-five UH09-seven UH04-7 UH083
EX20UR-1&sol2 EX30 EX40-1 EX45-1 EX50UR EX60-five EX70 EX90 EX100 EX100-M EX120 EX150 EX200 EX200-1 EX200-2&sol3&sol5 EX220-one&sol3 EX220-2 EX300EX300-three EX300-five EX320&sol321 EX330 EX350 EX400 EX400-5 EX550 EX350 EX700 EX750-5 EX1100
FH220-3 FH220-three FH330
CZPT E70B CAT307&sol308 E120B E180 E200B E215 E215 CAT215BLC CAT225 CAT225D CAT225DLC CAT235 CAT235DLC E240 E240B CAT311 CAT312 CAT313SR E300 E300B E300D E320B E320C CAT322 CAT325 CAT325LN E330 E330B CAT330LN CAT345 CAT350 E450
Sumitomo LX02&sol03 LX08 SH60 SH75-three SH100 SH120 SH200 SH220 SH250 SH260 SH280 SH300 SH340 SH580 SH450 LS200 LS200 LS280  LS1200 LS1600 LS2035 LS2050L LS2650 LS2800 LS2800FJ2 LS3400EJ LS4300FJ2 LS5800C2 SC800 SC1000
Kobelco K903 K904B K904 C K907B K907C K907D SK07 SK571 SK04N2 SK07N2 SK09N2 SK60 SK100 SK120 SK120LC SK200 SK200-six SK220 SK230 SK235 SK300 SK310 SK320 SK330-six SK350 SK400
Volvo EC55 EC210-seven EC240 EC290 EC360 EC460
Daewoo DH55 DH220-3&sol5 DH220LC DH280-2 DH280-three DH320 DH330 DH360
Hyundai R60 R60-5 R60-seven R130 R200 R210 R220 R290 R290LC-seven RX300 R305 R320 R914B
Kato HD250 HD400-2 HD400-5 HD450 HD700 HD770 HD820 HD880-1 HD1250 HD1880
Mitsubishi MS40 MS70-8 MS110-8 MS120 MS180-3 MS240 MS300-eight
Bulldozer D20 D30 D31 D3B D3C D3D D40-one D4C D4D D4H D5 D50 D5B D5H D5M D6B D6C D6D D6H D6R D65 D7 D7E D7F D7G D7R D80 D85-12 D85-18 D8L D8G D8H D8K D8N D8R D9L D9N D155 D155A-one D155AX D275 D355 D355A-three D375-two&sol3

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Chain Link Assy for Excavators Track Link for Bullozer Parts Excavator Assembly  Chain Link Assy for Excavators