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Product Description



The main parts of autoclave are autoclave door ,body apparatus, tank cover device, the door swing device, hand reducer, safety interlocks, bearings, insulation,,sealing devices, plumbing valves and meters, etc., also attached with drainage and electric control devices. Various structural designs and manufacturing can be safe and reliable, also can ensure the autoclave more stable in performance.

3. Process:
1) After welding kettle door, it must proceed with annealing heat treatment.
2) Polish toothed cutter of flange of autoclave body, and carry out magnetic particle testing.
3) Use double scale container board, and ensure the CZPT itudinal joint of each section.
4) Carry out the physical and chemical test (stretch, impact), ensure its strength.
5) Welds are 100% X-ray detection, then carry out hydraulic test of 2.1MPa after passing. The whole process is complete inspected by CSEI factory inspection, and leave factory after stamp and signature .

4. CZPT clave advantage
1. CZPT er service life.
2.To kettle cover – head butt, head – butt welding puzzle, kettle – kettle body butt welding flange ring to be a 100% inspection with 100% annealing.
3.Using automatic welding processes.
4.Advanced design, pipeline operations, stable quality and high efficiency.
5. Products can also be segmented to adapt to users’ needs; good overall package, short installation        period, low investment.
6. Best service and remote technical guidance CZPT .
What is CZPT clave Aerated Concrete (AAC) ?
Autoclaved aerated concrete is a kind of lightweight porous building construction 
material. It takes cement, lime, slag, fly ash, sand, aerated additive( aluminium powder) as raw
materials. The aerated concrete blocks are made after production processes of 
fine grinding, batching, casting, cutting, autoclaved curing and milling. There are
lots of uniform small air holes inside the blocks. The special structure ensure it 
has the advantages of lightweight, good insulation effect and processable.

Advantage of AAC
1. AAC can be produced with different of sizes which from standard blocks to large reinforced panels
2. Excellent thermal insulation
3. Excellent lightweight
4. CZPT compressive strength
5. CZPT dimensional accuracy
6. CZPT acoustic insulation
7. CZPT fire resistance
8. Termite resistance
9. CZPT working ability 

Why choose the AAC block machine from MINGJIE ?
1. HangZhou MINGJIE Building Material Equipment CZPT Co.,Ltd was establishes over 30 years, By the past two decades ,MINGJIE is accredited with ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 CZPT Management System and won ‘Standard Quality Management CZPT ‘,Provincial quality CZPT ed enterprise ” ,’Contract and Credit Stressing Unit ‘honors chronologically ,and it is the first title of ‘China CZPT n CZPT mark’.
2. MINGJIE adhere to the philosophy of “Technology -led ,Quality-oriented ,Management-based ,Customer-benefited ” .
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