Qt4-15 Cost Hydraulic Brick Machine Lowest Price / Automatic Cement Block Brick Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Fully automatic block machine for sale QT4-15C block machine for sale

1. Fully automatic block machine for sale The lift machine of CZPT block machine is easy to operate, and material machine is easy to clear which make the pole of cylinder piston have CZPT er life.
2. Our Movable Hollow Block Making CZPT , Cement Brick Production line template to send the machine have used crank which make the pallet work well.
3. TheSolid Brick and Hollow Brick manufacturing machine console made by thick steel plate and the screw link the column set and the slider which make replace copper sleeve easily.
4. Stripping machine of CZPT ulic press automatic fly ash brick making machine has both stripping tanks work at same time which make mould lift smoothly.
5. There are three cylinders in the head of the machine. The middle cylinder control the speed and cylinders in both size keep the pressure.
6. The stacker of block machine works strictly which make pallet in right speed which operate easily.
7. PLC full touch screen of block machine used make the system easy to operate.
8. CZPT ulic components of block machine are CZPT brand.
9. Our block machine chassis is strong and durable.
10. The lifting electrical machine of CZPT block machine used 16A link chain which can load 6t goods.
11. Coarse material feeding system of CZPT block machine runs well by the special design.

Fully automatic block machine for sale
Total area: 8000m² (plant area 500 m² , storehouse 800 m² , office 100m² , open spaces 6600 m² )
Number of operators: 8
Water and electricity: Water for producing 12ton/day, electricity of 380V, total volume 50kw, average CZPT : 38kw.

Fully automatic block machine for sale introduction
1. Control System:
Electric control system consists of imported color touch screen and programmed PLC with data input and output device, including safety logical control and trouble shooting System. Vibration analyzing system: Detecting the vibration frequency, vibration amplitude, vibration acceleration and noise of the whole machine, so as to adjust the vibration to optimum efficiency.

2. CZPT ulic System:
The system consists of imported components and seals with high dynamic performance proportional valves. The action of key cylinders can be operated through the regulator of flow and pressure according to the working requirement. The main frame is wide for the convenience of mold filling, so more blocks can be made. In order to get even pressure, three oil reservoirs are used, which raise the pressure to as high as 100t. Moreover, the smallest reservoir in the middle increases the operating speed of the left and right ones respectively, thus improving the productivity.

3. Frequency conversion motor drive the vibrating case, easy to obtain ideal vibration force, vibration frequency and amplitude, can produce high quality block. CZPT double-vibration box drives all in one vibration table to make the deviation of amplitude lower, more even so as to guarantee the consistency firm and durable.

4. Adopts more CZPT d material-feeding technology, material from the hopper fall into the mould case rapidly and evenly, make the weight error less than ± 5%, the intensity error less than≤ ± 15%.

5. Low energy consuming. Compared with common Block Making CZPT , these equipment investment has increased by about 18%, but output has been improved by 35%, unit consumption has been reduced by about 5%.

6. Incomparable advantages in producing process: CZPT thickness and rectangle steel frame, four guidance column, solidity structure and prolonged life.

Dimension of host machine 3800× 1800× 2550mm Host machine CZPT 19.2 KW
Moulding area 400× 800mm Vibration force 40KN
Moulding period 15-25S Mixer model JD500
The size of the pallet 1571× 550× 20/25mm General water Consumption 4T/every day
Weight of the host machine 4.6T    
Voltage 380V