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Hydraulic near me shop Hose Pipe Plastic Spiral Hose Protector Sleeve Production Line Making Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

PE PP Spiral Band Production Line For Cable CZPT

Turn-key project with CE&ISO9001:2008&SG

Product Description  

1.Outside diameter :10-300mm 
2.Inside diameter :8-200mm 

Working process

Material loading—Extruder–Shaping and cooling—Haul-off —winder. 

PP spiral wrapping band machine is a new technic. We cooperate with Italian engineer, and developed this new CZPT , which can continuously produce the band to any length. Patented products, 
We exported this type machine line to CZPT serveral years ago, and now the client placed another 2 machine lines for expension business; 


Brief introduction of the PP PE spiral band and PP PE PA spiral band machine 
1. Advantages: 
Anti-corrosive quality 
Smooth and beautiful surface 
Easy to use 
2.Thanks to CZPT new technic, we invented the bottom winder, which can wind the band to 300meters, and even CZPT er. 
Wide Application 
3.Widely used in CZPT s, loaders, road rollers, pavers, forklifts, cranes, dump trucks and other construction machinery and injection molding machine equipment. 
4.Mainly installed in the hydraulic hose, wire and cable products external. Its function is to enhance the hydraulic hose, wire and cable products internal wear, anti-static and UV resistance in a variety of harsh environments to play a security role.
Installing spiral protection sleeve will not only improve aesthetics, and can extend the life of the product within 3 years. With the traditional metallic spring products, hose protective sleeve has ease of installation, and better wear resistance;
Anti-aging, corrosion resistance can be strong; More excellent, more convenient, more environmentally friendly energy-saving effect

Machine Photos:

Company Information

HangZhou CZPT er Plastic CZPT ry Co., LTD is the director member of WPCC (Plastic &Wood Production Council of Chinese Plastic Community), now we are Plastic CZPT CZPT nology Research CZPT of HangZhou CZPT and CZPT nology University Test and CZPT ization center. We cooperated with many domestic universities to develop special plastic machines to meet domestic and foreign CZPT er’s requirement and have a strong association with many macromolecule and chemical majors of many universities. At the same time we bring in and absorb CZPT d processing CZPT of foreign plastic machines to realize chain service of technique and machines.


Our Services

We provide presales service in CZPT forms, for example, making investment budget, manufacturing plHangZhou, etc. so that CZPT ers make a reasonable plan with less cost. 
Investment budgeting—We provide services of product profit analysis, recommendation of machine and auxiliary equipment and relevant budgeting, human resources allocation and budgeting. 
Plant PlHangZhou—We provide the mounting dimension of the equipment base, design of equipment layout, workshop ventilation, water transmission etc.

Detailed design of workshop lay-out 
Technological information of provided products 
Schedule about design, manufacture and installation 
Working & Producing process 
Training courses for the technician team so that the installation is safe and standard

For CZPT ers buying CZPT products, we provide them training so that they can use and maintain the machine independently. 
We will offer to CZPT ers technical support in time. If needed, we will offer on-line guidance and assistance. 
We can provide free technical guidance if CZPT ers need new equipment, add or rebuild equipment. 
We will prioritize the product upgrading of previous CZPT ers.


Q1.How to pay to you?

A:1)30% of total amount paid by TT as CZPT , then the seller start production 
2)after the machine is finished ,buyer come to test the machine in seller’s factory , 
and then pay the 70% balance by TT or irrevocable L/C at sight . Then seller ship the machine.


Q2.How CZPT is the delivery time?

A: For standard machines, it would be 30 days; For non-standard machines and customized machines according 

to client s specific requirements,  it would be 45 days. 


Q3.Do you arrange shipment for the machines?

A:Yes,for FOB or CIF price, we will arrange shipment for you.


Q4.How about the documents after shipment? 
After shipment, we ll send all original documents to you by DHL, including Packing List,  
Commercial Invoice, B/L, and other certificates as required by clients.

Q5.What’s your after-sales service ?

(1)The supplier provides service manual and maintenance instruction of main electric appliances, limb, usage manual of equipment. We also supply water, electricity, gas of equipment and installation drawing. (2)The supplier is responsible for installation, debugging and training, but the air tickets, insurance, eating, housing and every day 50 USD for each engineer will be born by the buyers. We will realize guarantee of repair; replacement and refund of substandard products within one year after the machine leaves factory. And half a year for electric parts. CZPT s of the machine will be supplied at preferential price after one year.


Q6.What’s your warranty?

We will realize guarantee of repair; replacement and refund of substandard products within one year after the machine arrived in CZPT er’s factory (except destroyed by buyers’ wrong operation). We guarantee the material of screw & barrel (guarantee without normal abrasion). And half a year for electric parts. CZPT s of the machine will supply at preferential price after one year.

Superior shop Wear-Resistant Rubber Track Pads for Crawler Type Paver Asphalt Paving Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Bolt to Chain CZPT Track Pads Bolt Directly to Undercarriage Track Chain


Product Description

The rubber track pads produced by CZPT company have complete specifications, CZPT d technology and superb quality. It can be widely used in construction machinery, such as: Paving machine, milling machine,excavator, crawler crane,HOISTING CZPT ,mining hydraulic CZPT s, mining construction, PILING CZPT , Drilling Rig,Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig, CZPT Feeder, screeds,slipform pavers,Surface Miners,Cross Application Miners,crawler dozer,Crawler Loader

Advantages of CZPT rubber track pads
1 .Good surface protection
2 .Vibration resistence
3 .Noise reduction
4. Long life Use
5 .All round durability
6. complete range of CZPT Pads to fit onto a wide variety of machine.


Product Parameters

ZT260-1 45 165 260
ZT260-2 48 165 260
ZT305-2 48 176 305
ZT305-5 55 176 305
ZT305-6 49 180 305
ZT325-1 57 192 325
ZT325-2 48 180 325
ZT400-1 38 156 405
ZT305-2 52 168 305
ZT305-3 50 167 305
ZT320-3 52 170 320
ZT305-4 52 168 305
ZT350-1 52 167 350
ZT200-1 40 92 200
ZT350-2  40 125 395
ZT305-2P 52 168 305
ZT305-3P 50 167 305
ZT320-3P 52 170 320
ZT305-4P 52 168 305
ZT350-1P 52 167 350
ZT260-1P 45 165 260
ZT260-2P 48 165 260
ZT305-2P 48 176 305
ZT305-5P 55 176 305
ZT305-6P 49 180 305
ZT325-1P 57 192 325
ZT325-2P 48 180 325

Note: All the brand and size listed are  just for reference, it does not mean we just these items. If you cannot find the produts you need, send us the specification of your track shoe, drawing, or brand and model of your machinery, we will be glad to give the help find the suitable rubber track pad for you.




Packaging & CZPT

Company Profile



QUICKPADS is dedicated to solve noise and vibration problems in road protection and industry field; concentrated on research& development and
manufacturing of super wear-resistance, high-strength elastomer, as well as elastomer-metal composite products.
A expert team in the field of polymer materials with 40 years of professional experience.
QUICKPADS founded in 2004, officially registered as QUICKPADS CZPT Company in 2007, and established Quickpads CZPT mer
Technology Co., Ltd. in 2014.
In 16 years of innovation, QUICKPADS has reached the leading level of this field. With mature production technology and rich industry
experience, QUICKPADS’ products have been favored by CZPT ers at home and abroad!



Q1. Are you a manufacturer?
Yes, we have been in  this field more than 18years. Specialized in rubber track pads, rubber buffer development and production.

Q2. What’s your main CZPT ers

Our main CZPT ers are all heavy machinery manufacturer, such as VESTAS,ZOOMLION…..also supplied CZPT ,ODM service for some CZPT brand in abroad.

Q3. What’s the differences of your products.

The performance indicators of CZPT products are higher than industrial standards both in home and abroad.

Q4. Do you accept sample order?

Yes, sample order is CZPT for quality check and market test. Don’t hesitate to contact us.
Q5. Can you produce according to the samples?
we can design and open the molds and produce exactly same products as your samples or technical drawings.

Q6. What if we just have pictures of the product, can you produce them for us?

Yes, no problem. But we also need your help.  We will send you a dimension form, you just need to fill out the form and resend to us, we will CZPT ize the products for you.

Q7. Is it expensive to open the mold?
It is depends on the product and quantity, sometimes we won’t charge the mold cost, so don’t worry about it, don’t waste you time to search any more, you find us, contact us for help.


High near me shop Capacity Sandwish Wall Panel Making Machine (HFP530A) with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

High Capacity Sandwish Wall Panel Making CZPT (HFP530A)

Hongfa More Product

Hongfa CZPT ry CZPT Main Products :
Automatic Block Making:
HFB5250A HFB5220A HFB5230A HFB5200A HFB5115A HFB5120A HFB5100A HFB580A HFB575A HFB570A
Semi-automatic egg-laying machine:
QTY4-30  QMJ4-45  QTJ2-45  JMQ-6A 
Color Paver Color tile forming machine:
HFB543S   SMY8-150
HF-800 pipe-making machine  HF-2000 pipe-making machine
Concrete Mixing Plant:
HZS25  HZS35    HZS50  HZS60  HZS series
AAC Block production line : 50000~300000M3/Year

Hongfa CZPT matic Vertical Wall Panel CZPT

1.Product Description:

1) Lightweight wall panel molding machine adopts PLC and touch screen control, automatic filling, electronic weighing to realize automatic production.  
2) With the same machine, it can adjust the panel size and thickness. The thickness could be from 60 to 250mm. 
3)Most components are of world-famous brands, with reliable performance, stable quality, CZPT service life and low maintenance cost. 

2.Automatic Vertical Wall Panel Line CZPT  main components
1) Mixing CZPT
Hongfa group intergrates with the demestic and foreign markets, takes refernece from the Italian technology, independently
recheached and developed the foaming function forced type mixer, which stirs evenly, fully wrapped EPS particles, discharging prompt and CZPT .

     Machine Size


Power(kw) Each production(m³)
 3500*2200*5200  11  3

2) Mobile Grouting CZPT
Patentp rotected product, independent research and development, simple operation and easy maintenance, low cost, grouting CZPT , with high efficiency.
High pressure infusion molding, and full filling core materials leave no dead angle, increasing yield productivity.

     Machine Size


Power(kw) Each production(m³)
 3000*2000*1950 5.2  3

High Capacity Sandwish Wall Panel Making CZPT (HFP530A)

3) Moblie De-Molding Turnover Platform
Hydraulic demoulding, CZPT and convinient, decrease the broken rate, convinient for finish products pallet stacking.

     Machine Size


Power(kw) Each production(m³)
 4400*3527*1519 5.2 2434

4) Vertical Molding CZPT

Function Molding System
Charging Volumn 5m²
Finished Wall Panel Dimension 2440x610x75/90/100/120/150mm
Number of Pallet Provided Per Time 75mm 40(pcs)
90mm 32(pcs)
100mm 30(pcs)
120mm 26(pcs)
150mm 22(pcs)
Hydraulic Unit Motor CZPT 2.2kw
Working Pressure 3-4Mpa
Molding Time 6-8 hours CZPT aluminum cement
Installed capacity 65kw
Component Host machine,hydraulic unit,mould

3.Light weight wall panel characteristics

1.Light weight—60mm thickness, about 55kg/m2

2.Excellent thermal conductivity—≤1.45 W/(m2·k)

3.Reputable sound insulation

4.Easy to cut and saw for any size and shape

5.High anti-impact capacity

6.High construction speed

7.Labor saving

8.Low investment

9.High output capacity: from 100,000m3 to 300,000m3 Annual output

High Capacity Sandwish Wall Panel Making CZPT (HFP530A)

4.Applied Products

5.Light weight wall panel application projects for reference
Roof celling / shopping mall / room partition wall / floor and so on

6.About CZPT fa group


Hongfa CZPT s

1)More than 30 years experience. 1500 employees (50+engineers)                   

2) Total 4 factories with 440,000m² and annual sell above USD100 Million .                   

3) 10,000 CZPT ers and fulfillment to over 120 countries.                    

4) Continuous service and logistics system.                    

5) CZPT quality products and competitive price.We hope we can cooperate with each other and establish a win-win business relationship.


Dear  friend, Thanks for browing CZPT EPS wall panel production line making machine.

This is Shelly from ZheJiang CZPT fa CZPT CZPT ry Co.,Ltd. We are diversified manufacturer in CZPT with 30 years experiences in the construction materials machinery industry, we provide complete chain of construction machinery in one-stop.

Regarding to the EPS wall panel making machine, would you please share with us more information? So that we could provide accurate price for your check as soon as possible.

1, the raw materials you will use:
2,the length,width and thickness of the panel want to make:
3,the capacity of the production line:
4,the investment budget :

We sincerely hope we can provide you the best services and products.
We look forward to hearing back from you soon.

4-15 near me shop Concrete Hydraulic Interlocking Brick Equipment Chain Brick Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Qt4-15 full automatic robust cement paver curb concrete block making machine for small scale industries

QT4-15 CZPT ulic automatic block making machine production line includes automatic material feeding system, automatic feeding pallets system, automatic spreading material system ,automatic block transfer system , keep balance of mold system, stacking machine, JS500 mixer.
Extra parts as Cement silo ,screw conveyor , and cement scale are CZPT as well .

Reasonable raw material ratio can produce high strength standard brick, after forming, can stack immediately.

Main technical parameter 
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)  2700x1600x2500MM
Moulding Cycle  15S
Vibration way  Table and CZPT vibration at the same time 
Vibration Force  40KN
Machine CZPT   24KW
Machine weight  4.5T 
Pallet size  880x580x25MM

Different sizes of hollow blocks, concrete bricks, interlock pavers, cement pavers, hourdis, curbstones are CZPT by changing molds. CZPT nician team is here ready for design and CZPT ize molds for you. 

Production capacity 
Brick Type  Brick size  PCS/mould PCS /Hour  PCS /8 Hours 
Hollow block  390x190x190MM 4 720  5760
Solid brick  240x115x53MM  26 4320 34560
Paver brick  200x100x60MM  16 2016 16128
Paver brick  200x163x60MM 12 1152 9216

Why Choose CZPT n Block machine?

1. Rich experience in manufacturing block making machine, 20 years research on market and CZPT er request.

2. CZPT d quality support. HIgh quality material and electrical parts are used to guarantee the machines with stable running and durable performance.

3. Excellent aftersale serive team, helping buyers in whole solutions, including installation, operation guide, cost analysis.


Manufacturer shop Sale Low Price Concrete Block Machine for Small Industry with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Manufacturer Sale Low Price Concrete Block CZPT for Small Industry

Product Description

over 20 years’ manufacturer

6 overseas companies 

longlife after sale service

shengya brand high overseas recoginition

make money for you easily 

1.Manufacturer Sale CZPT ulic Diesel CZPT Brick Making CZPT Price Main CZPT nical Specifications

Product CZPT tity

Size(L*W*H)                             Pcs/Mould    Pcs/ Hr     Pcs/ 8 Hrs

Block 400*200*200                        4              360           2880

Block 400*150*200                        5              450           3600


Semi-automaitc,Virbration generator,12A Chain

Power 6.7KW


Overall Size 1380*1180*1660mm
Carriage  Size 850*470*30mm
Weight 1000kgs

2.Manufacturer Sale Low Price Concrete Block CZPT for Small Industry Features

low price,high production effiency,mould vibration with 60KN vibrating force

3.Manufacturer Sale Low Price Concrete Block CZPT for Small Industry Block Samples

4.Manufacturer Sale Low Price Concrete Block CZPT for Small Industry Show

We can supply all kinds of block machines,tell me your detailed requirement,you will get a best price from here!

Related Products
fully automatic 

semi automatic

mobile series

interlocking brick machine

Company Advantages

over 20 years’ manufacturer

6 overseas companies 

longlife after sale service

shengya brand high overseas recoginition

make money for you easyl

1. over 20 years ‘ professional manufacturing ability, professional foreign trade ability,strength


2. about 200 workers,50 sales manager and 10 professional designers of more than 20 years  


3. overseas companies in Nigeria,Ethiopia,Kenya,Tanzania,Cameroon,Cote divoire.

4. help with the investment advice, factory design,equipment installation and using training  


 5. 24 hours service of technology inquiry, instant components supply, regular technical service

     guidance of maintain,long distance malfunction control.

 6.one year warranty.

Our final purpose supply all my clients with the product of the best quality and service.

Company Information

ZheJiang Shengya CZPT ry Co.,LTD was founded in 1995 specializing in design,manufacture and sales of (fully automatic,semi-automatic,manual movable) block machines ,soil amd clay block machine,curbstone machine,paver machine,concrete mixers,lightweight concrete machine,electric  pole machine,concrete tube machine. For many years,we try to perfect the quality and export  machines to more than 90 countries and regions, and also we have offices in Nigeria,Ethiopia,Kenya,Tanzania,Cameroon,Cote divoire, then can serve CZPT clients much better. 

Contact Vivian

Vivian Xia 

Mobile     1535719050




Factory shop New and Used Cold Planer Machine Road Milling Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

                 Factory new and used cold planer machine road milling machine 

>>> Production Description 


SCM600 3 cold planer adopting the mechanical belt drive realizing the construction efficiency that is over 1.3 times higher than the hydraulic drive and about twice higher than the chain drive;

The 200hp cold planer adopting the four-wheel hydraulic drive technology realizes the theoretical gradeability up to 75% and the maximum tractive force up to 9 t;


Adopting the globally top-level drive belt that resists high temperature and shock because its strengthening layer is made of materials for flask vests;

Adopting the imported conveying belt that has strong resistance to tension because it is made of special materials with abrasion-resistance technologies;

Equipped with a water spraying system including a sturdy and durable irony water tank and an imported double-parallel-pump system;

Adopting high-strength abrasion-resistant steel plates at key positions to ensure high strength and CZPT service life of the machine.

High Performance

Maximum milling depth of 280mm means that only a single pass is required to mill the surface course, binder course and base course;

Having the minimum turning radius of only 0.78 m and able to complete milling work in narrow areas;

Having a rotor with a load ratio of 9.2 t/m and able to excellently complete the construction of concrete and modified asphalt roads and other hard roads;

Equipped with a high and efficient quickly-disassembled conveying system in which the conveyor is 4.5 m high and can be disassembled only within 5 min.


Equipped with the pioneer integrated leveling system whose leveling effect to reach the globally top level and which is featured by a high integration level, friendly interface and easy operation;

Having a comprehensive fault diagnosis function realizing automatic alarming and convenient troubleshooting;

Equipped with intelligent equipment management system, convenient for the CZPT ers to check the working states based on real time.

Quick Maintenance 

Equipped with an engine oil level gauge, hydraulic oil level gauge, coolant level gauge and air filter alarm and designed visually to ensure that the daily check can be completed easily within 1 min;

Equipped with centralizedly-arranged air, diesel and engine oil filter elements to ensure easy access and quick replacement.

>>> CZPT nical Parameters

Length × width × height (mm) 11700×2480×3230 Milling width (mm) 2000/2200
Milling depth (mm) 0~330 Number of milling cutters (piece) 162
Drive mode Mechanic drive Engine model QSX15-C600
Rated CZPT (kW/hp) 447kw Rated speed (rpm) 2100
Traveling speed (km/h) 0-5 Operating weight (kg) 35000
Belt width (mm) 800 Theoretic conveyance capacity (m3/h) 470
Swing angle of conveyer (º) ±45 (two-stage)

>>> Photos

1.. Which countries do we export to?
Asia: Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.
Europe: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, CZPT uania, Saudi Arabia, etc.
South CZPT ica: Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, etc.
Africa: South Africa, Ethiopia, Libya, Ghana,Algeria,Nigeria,Congo,Mozambique ,Kenya etc.

2.What are CZPT advantages compared with other manufacturers/factories?
1)Reliable Quality: Carefully select regular manufacturers for supporting spare parts,
like engines,bridge,transmissions,and many parts designed and produced by CZPT selves,
always adapting the best materials.
2)Competitive Price: Concentration of mechanized production in large quantities reduce
production cost to ensure that CZPT price is competitive.
3)Service Team: CZPT , CZPT sales managers are online 24 hours,ready to answer your
questions at any time. Second, professional maintenance team with senior technicians, 
ready to provide support services to users and dealers. Most problems can be solved 
within 24 hours.
4)Fast Delivery:Under normal circumstances,we can delivery with 10 working days in
factory after receiving pre-payment.
3.Which payment terms can we accept?
Normally we can work on T/T or L/C.
1)On T/T term, 30% payment is required in CZPT for production, 70% balance shall 
be paid before delivery or against the copy of original B/L for old CZPT cooperation clients.
2)On L/C term, 100% irrevocable L/C at sight without “soft clauses” can be accepted. 
4. How CZPT is the validity of CZPT quotation?
As a reliable supplier, basically CZPT price remains stable through one year, we only adjust
our price based on two situations:
1)The rate of USD
2)TheThe price of material

Other questions, please contact me directly!!
Peter- -15921244786


Tpj-1.5 near me shop Rubber Paver Machine for Synthetic Running Track Surface with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

TPJ-1.5 CZPT Paver CZPT for Synthetic Running Track Surface

TPJ-1.5-type paver machine is a technology with higher levels of plastic track laying machine, which employs CZPT d technology and CZPT frequency stepless speed regulation of hydraulic gear to increase their degree of automation built performance of the construction of venues able to satisfy the requirements of the quality of the playing field to achieve target, with high efficiency, low consumption, high-quality and easy operation, with CZPT -term use of authentication, by the majority of users at home and abroad.
Detailed Product Description


1 Used for spreading, paving the bottom layer of plastic cement stadiums.
2 Framework: with a firm and stable welded H-type structure, and a rust-proof paint layer, it may accommodate any poor condition in the construction site.
3 CZPT scratch board: welded joint structure, the ground clearance is manually adjustable through a screw, which control the thickness of the floor layer. The width may be adjusted through a limiting board.
4 Driving device: the main driving system is a motor-driven CZPT chain, with the speed smoothly controlled by a frequency converter, which is feature as stably and precisely moving ahead or back in an motion. It may be equipped with different CZPT belt for different bottoms.
5 Walking Mechanism: the spreading machine may be manually moved or relocated through a walking mechanism consisting of a hydraulic cylinder and lift.
6 Screed: The screed has four functions, viz. the adjustment of height, angle, temperature, and vibration. The plastic cement material is vibrated, compacted and paves while passing through the

Product parameters:

Name Paver machine
Model TPJ-1.5
Actual Width About 1800mm
Paving  Width 1500mm
Moving  Speed 0.8-6m/min
Paving   Capability 200 sq.m./h
Power 8kw
Value adjustment of hydraulic system 8Mpa
Temperature adjustment for electric heating board 120 centigrade
Machine  Weight 700 kg
Dimension 2000*1700*720mm


Qt4-20 near me shop Houris Hollow Color Paver Brick/Block Making Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Qt4-20 Houris Hollow Color Paver Brick/Block Making CZPT

Production description
QT4-20 full automatic cement concrete hollow block making molding machine by adopting the combination of vibration between platform and the upper die, the produced block has the advantages of high compactness, high strength, beautiful appearance. Regular vibration, automatic lifting, simple operation and high production efficiency, it’s a better choice for users.


Main advantages:

1.QT4-20 automatic hydraulic cement brick making machine is four columns oriented, with vibrating electrical machine. During working time ,the lower vibrostand and upside pressure head vertically vibrate synchronously, make the raw materials dense.

2. Timing vibration, automatically lift mold,with hopper and conveyor can save manpower.
3. CZPT ‘s body is made from profiles, strong earthquake resistance, and suspension use the “spring vibration isolation” and directional vertical vibration technology to reduce CZPT consumption as well as loss of mould.
4. The pressure head is CZPT itudinal traverse for convenient to feeding, maintaining and washing.
5. The plate vibrate with mold box synchronously, without impact force and with a CZPT life.
6. Multi -usage, with a variety of mold can produce the block with CZPT specifications. Easy and convenient.


Main technical specifications:

QT4-20 automatic hydraulic cement brick making machine for sale
Main CZPT Dimension Weight Voltage Corollary Equipment
2700*1900*2100 mm 3t customizable conveyor and mixer


Daily Capacity
Block size(mm) Molding cycle Number of CZPT y Mold Capacity/8 hours
400*200*200 20s 4 pcs/mould 5700 pcs
400*150*200 20s 5 pcs/mould 7200 pcs
400*100*200 20s 7 pcs/mould 10000 pcs
240*115*90 20s 15 pcs/mould 21600 pcs
240*115*53 20s 24 pcs/mould 34500 pcs

Why Choose us? 

1.Rich experience: 
Factory with 20 years experience. CZPT s have been well proved for good use.

We are reputable and large manufacturers of brick machine with numerous certifications guarantee the quality of CZPT machine. No smuggled goods.

3.Competitive price:
Factory supply directly,not trading company,much competitive price,lower more than30% than other company.

4.Perfect after service:
Engineer overseas door-to door service.24 hours online.All the machine one year warranty,technical support by free.

5. CZPT d machine quality:
1) Host machine total 5.5T,every part all use thicken plate, make the machine strong and wear-resisting.
2) Fully automatic ,very easy operated by workers, greatly reduce the labor-cost.
3) Japan CZPT PLC control system, ensure the machine runs extremely smoothly, CZPT serving life. Faults-displaying and the troubles-shooting on the cabinet.
4) Hydraulic system, three-stage pressure control valve are adopted. so the pressure for all actions of the machine can be adjusted automatic.
5) Direct chain transmission, to sure very low noise, and easy to check the fault.
6) Mould vibration and head pressure together, make the brick high strength and density.
7) All the mold are carburizing by heat treatment, can using more than 120,000 times.


Concrete near me shop Leveling Truss Screed Petrol Aluminum Laser Concrete Vibrating Screed Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Concrete Leveling Truss Screed CZPT CZPT CZPT Concrete Vibrating Screed CZPT

Product Description

Power Model Honda GX210
Engine type Gasoline engine
Power 3000w
Fuel tank 40L
Lube oil 1.5L
Fuel consumption 150g/kwh
Wheel tyre Solid width tyre
Laser emitter Topcon
Laser receiver Topcon or CZPT ca
Control effect Slab or Slope
Working Width 2.5m(2.8m,3.0m for select)
Paving mode Auto+manual
Compacting force 500N
Vibratory frequency 50HZ
Control mode Panel+remote control
Walking speed 0-70m/min
Control mode Mirocomputer scan
Driving mode Electric
Overall size 2554*2500*1500mm
Weight 480kgs

Detailed Photos




√Most competitive price by actively seeking the best options and managing the supply chain.
√A strong R&D Team and strict QC system ensure the quality
√Large stock and quick delivery than every competitor
√1-year warranty and best after-sale service support by CZPT team.

√Giving my best solution based on my professional experience
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Hfb5230A near me shop Brick Making Machine Price/Concrete Paver Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

HFB5230A Brick Making CZPT Price/Concrete Paver CZPT


Product Description

Main Features of HFB5230A CZPT matic Block Making CZPT :

1. HFB5230A brick machine has a heavy machine frame, with 200*200mm with 10mm thickness, the frame is made of high-intensity steel and goes through heat treatment, total frame weight is 15.5 tons, it is absolutely wear resistant.
2. HFB5230A automatic block making machine uses multi-shaft rotating and compulsory feeding, which greatly improves the density and intensity of the blocks, also reduces the feeding and molding time.
3. Low frequency vibration in feeding materials, high frequency vibration in molding. It offers optimal structure of vibrating shafts, which assure the vibration is distributed uniformly in the range of the vibrating table. So it improves the uniformity and stability of blocks, produces better quality blocks than before when using the same ratio of raw material, and reduces the noise greatly.
4. This block machine uses Germany CZPT PLC control system and CZPT Touch Screen.
5. Combine with fault diagnosis system, it offers a dynamic display of the system’s status, automatic trouble shooting and warning notice.
6. Mold frame is made with inlaid structure, and the mold is processed via the procedures of carburizing, nitriding and quenching which guarantee that the strength, its service life is more that 120,000 times production.
7. On both sides of mold, we add 3 aseismic bags for each side, they can reduce the impact force, protect the mold and oil cylinder in molding process greatly.

Technical parameter

Mainframe Dimension 8200x2600x3571mm
Machine weight 14.5 Tons
Vibration Table vibration
Pallet size 1420x920x30mm
Power 66KW
Exciting force 100KN
Rating pressure 20MPa
Vibration frequency 4000-5000r/min
Cycle time 15-20 CZPT s

Productivity of HFB5230A CZPT matic Block Making CZPT :

Items Block sample Size(mm)(LxWxH)




Molding Cycle(s)

Hollow block   390x190x190 12



Porous block   240x115x90 30



Solid block   240x110x53 65






220x110x50 42




Packaging & Shipping


Our Services

1.Guarantee for one year and after sale service for whole life.To offer free design,free technology support and free machine maintenance trainning. 
We will provide you with a set of spare parts for free!.Guarantee for three year and after sale service for whole life.To offer free design,free technology support and free machine maintenance trainning. 
2.We will provide you with a set of spare parts for free!

Company Information

Brand and quality
We are a construction and building materials equipments manufacturer mainly produce all kinds of AAC block making machine,concrete mixing plant,mixer,Concrete Block Shaping CZPT ,concrete tile making machine and concrete pipe making machine etc. with more than 23 years experience and being the biggest manufacturer in CZPT at present.All the products are conformity with the standard of the state, and gets the ISO9001-2000 Quality System certificate, also honored as “One of the CZPT Ten CZPT Brands of Brick & Tile field in CZPT ” and other honors.

Hongfa CZPT ry’s Honor
1.One of CZPT Ten Influential Brands in CZPT Brick &Tile Industry
2.China National CZPT Abiding By Contract & Keeping CZPT CZPT
3.Quality and Credibility of the Dual-protection Demonstration Unit
4.High and New CZPT nology CZPT
5.Famous CZPT mark of CZPT
6.Star CZPT with CZPT Patent
7.AAA Grade Credit CZPT
8.Consumer Satisfaction Unit
9.One of CZPT 100 building Material Industry Brands of CZPT



Q1:Why blocks conveyor use leather belt?

A:Leather belt blocks conveyor has low friction coefficient, it is not easy to be heated, so it can protect pallet from damage, the chain conveyor heats CZPT ly and will distroy pallet.

Q2:Why should I use inverter motor?

A:Firstly, inverter motor is more CZPT saving. Secondly, inverter motor is more durable because it keeps running continually.

Q3:What is the CZPT press brand?

A:Hydropress brand is from Calyca, ZheJiang , it guarantees the stable output pressure.

Q4:How to maintain hydraulic machine?

A:Oil return filter cartridge should be renewed within 3 months since new machine come into service, and open oil box to check and clean inner filter screen. Check and clean oil box every 6 months or one year according to operating frequency, and renew hydraulic oil, it can be recycled to use after filteration.

Q5:What is the advantage of Double proportional electric valve compared with Single one?

A:Double proportional electric valve can export air pressure stably.

Contact: Ivy Liu
Web: gxhongfa.en.made-in-china.com